Sound Therapy comes to Weston-Super-Mare

Just a short blog to let everyone know that I am moving from Bristol to Weston-Super -Mare in North Somerset, and am going to be enjoying a wonderful view of the bay and preparing for clients in a new more spacious office.

I will be available for new clients  by mid January and  am going to be offering some great deals on prices as a welcoming gesture to all those who need my services. I also want to celebrate the fact that we will be entering the New Year of 2012, when we should all do more for those in need  with a generous spirit, and with goodwill in assisting those going through a tough time with money during these difficult times of change.

So I will be extending a helping hand  in all that I do with a view to making health and well-being for all an easy option. I will be hosting film and talk evenings, with friendly advice on how to be fit, and maintain optimum health, along with advice on diet and much more, to help you heal and be the best you can be.

Disease and ill health IS reversible,…. and your body longs to be healthy and well…all you need to do is give yourself the right tools with food and lifestyle to make that happen. We are beings who are naturally born to regenerate and be healthy, and I can guide you to how to begin, looking at your mind, body and spirit!

Check back later for more news and info on dates,…… and new reduced prices  with Sound Therapy, Hypnotherapy and more.

Merry Christmas from Elaine!

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