About Me

Isn’t it just the way? When someone says, ”Well, tell me all about yourself”…you can’t think of anything to say that does not sound too depreciating or too big headed.

If you talk about  yourself as ‘me’, then who are you really describing? The me that everyone sees or the me inside that only you know?

The me that everyone knows has done amazing things in my lifetime so far.  The biggest life changing event was the discovery of the principles of Sound, and I am continually truly amazed that it is such a simple thing, yet so profound in its effects.

And as well as being the next best thing to sliced bread, it’s probably, nay even bound to be, the future of modern medicine. You can read all about that on this site. As for this me, I am an insatiably curious bod — I want to know everything about everything — passionate about helping others in need, and equally compelled to tell everyone about the mind blowing discoveries I have made.

In my pursuit of Sound and its magical properties, I have been honoured to swim with both whales and wild spinner dolphins, and researched how they affect our emotions and health when we swim with them in the water; I’ve been to far flung places around the world both teaching and telling as many as I could about Sound and the amazing yet little realised impact it has on our daily life.

Yes,….our daily life.

All our emotions, thoughts, memories and actions are recorded, held, constructed and used by the brain in the format of electromagnetic data as wave form and frequency– which translates to brainwaves and ‘Sound’. It seems complex but there is an easy way to describe it.

If you have a laptop, then you will understand that our brains are a lot like a ultra fast computer. Every action, thought and emotion is stored on the hard drive as data, and like a CD, that data can be accessed as a sound wave form. The pc screen is like your voice and body. The frequencies come out of your mouth as speech and the results of the programming show in your body as either good health or not good health, and in your mind as happy or sad.

If you are overweight, perhaps you have a log  jam in your data bank….too much ‘old stuff’? Too many old patterns  and habits that you need to get rid of? Think of how this will slow down your computer and cause it to malfunction! Your body is the  same!

If you have blood pressure problems, perhaps your arteries (main communication lines) are clogged up with residue from spam(not the tinned variety, but rather any old rubbish) and old data, stopping the free flow of  information (blood) due to old emotions, stress in the system from your work load or your undealt with feelings?

Experiencing trauma via someone else or some situation, being ill with flu or whatever, or even just having a really bad day– is like getting a Trojan virus. It completely blows all your good stuff away and unless you ‘remove’ it by talking it through, or actually doing something about the event with medication or therapy, it will cause no end of problems in the long run, and maybe make it impossible for you to function properly again.

You get the picture, right?

The interesting thing is that you can tell when someone is not well by the sound of their voice, because all changes to your system that are recorded within you, express themselves through the voice. Anger, fear, feeling sick, or depressed……it shows,……and can be recorded by me, analysed and put back into balance!

And it certainly  blows me away every time I can do this by applying the right frequencies. Then I sit back and  watch the benefits and changes unfold within days or even hours.

The world of Electromagnetic Energy

I am a great believer in the world of energy that is now so readily documented by the new Quantum Physics, in fact I shouted a personal Hallelujah when the proof that I needed was forthcoming from new science.

I understand the importance of emotions and their contributions towards our daily life and health, and I have made it my focus to work with this as part and parcel of my endeavors to help people overcome their health problems, both emotional and physical.

We live in a world of rapidly changing events and technology, and we all know that you have to be fast to keep up!

There is so much ‘out there’ for us all to discover and learn about ourselves…….. and I think that there comes a time in everyone’s life when finding out who you really are, becomes the only thing that will lead you to deeper inner peace.

Understanding ourselves. Whats that all about?

Why we do the things we do; why we react in certain ways; why we follow the same old patterns; why life appears to become a struggle at times; why we are sometimes  unhappy;  why we get sick and have health problems; why we can have everything, and still not be happy.

All of these things relate to balance, both inner and outer, and how do you know when you are out of balance? You feel bad, upset, or stressed, and life loses its JOY. Maybe you haven’t found real joy yet, or even know what it really is?

Maybe you think you are happy, but still have panic attacks or headaches.

We all need to know why. As for me, my mind is such that I have searched for personal answers all my life,…. and still continue to do so, so that I can help myself, and then extend a hand to others.

SO,– Stand up, the ‘other’ me.

The ‘other’ more private  me is a keen artist and writer with a full on family life. I am a proud Nana to delightful twin girls who are such joy to me and of course my daughter and her husband. Not forgetting my wonderful son and his wife, who have given me two amazing grandsons!

I love to grow all sorts in my garden and be creative; making sculptures out of old bits of wood  and roots; repairing ‘old stuff’ with screws and nails, paint and decoration.

Music and barbershop singing,….. and believe it or not, cleaning and de-cluttering everyone else’s place with mine coming last. But then, that’s the same old story, the best plumbers have leaks in their houses and builders always have rubble around their own homes.  🙂

Creativity is such an important part of anyone’s life….there always has to be that balance that makes all the hours of hard work fade, and gives joy at being free to spend time just messing about, doing what you want to do.

So here I am on top of a small lighthouse at Cobb Island, Virginia…….just enjoying the sunset and loving the feeling of being up high overlooking such beauty.

And here below is something I painted a while ago:

Abandoned shack, reflections on the tide.

And if you like watercolour art, then go here

to see some more of my work.