Dying to be Me

Last month I wrote an article on Sound Therapy for Connect North Devon magazine last month. The editor has kindly asked me to write another, and as I was pondering the subject to cover, I was suddenly inspired by a book that I was reading last night.

Part of the work I do within Sound therapy, is to advise and counsel people who ask me. One thing that is important in all of our lives is not only what we eat, but even more, what we think as well.

Deep-seated beliefs about our world, our lives, and the things around us, sometimes create the biggest problems in our lives, and lead to really difficult health problems, both emotional and physical.

I decided to train as a Clinical Hypnotherapist; to be able to use theraputic techniques with my clients to help them change the beliefs that are creating the problems.

Coming back to the book I was reading last night, which is called – ‘Dying to be Me’.

It tells the truly amazing story of a near death experience, connection to spirit and loved ones resulting in a spectacular, virtually immediate complete healing.

The woman who is writing the book was on her deathbed, all her organs had shut down, her lungs were filled with fluid, and all of her family were gathered around in the intensive care ward as these were her last moments. She was covered in lesions, could not eat, had no body weight whatsoever, and was expected to die at any moment.

What is illustrated in this book is about the internal power and awareness she found inside….. to heal herself of her illness.

As we are all human beings such as her, surely we have that power inside us right now?  But perhaps 99.9% of us do not know this, and have no idea how to access this amazing state of being.

For the author it took a near-death experience to show her that her negative thinking had caused her illness, and that she alone had the power to change it in an instant.

All our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and emotions have frequency. They are all stored within our body, and together they form the pattern platform throughout which we live our lives. Our beliefs, desires, and values all go together to drive the way we act, think and feel.

Using sound therapy to alter these frequency patterns is a unique and extremely useful tool, and sometimes we have to go even one step further, using hypnotic de-programming to access those parts of us which are so well protected within the subconscious mind, that the only way to access them is to ask the conscious mind to be quiet and stand aside.

We can then talk directly to the subconscious mind, access and re-frame the beliefs, and allow the part of us which is our soul /spirit or true self to take the driver’s seat.

It all boils down to living in joy and happiness, empowerment and freedom to be who you really are without any of the constraints of worrying about what other people think about you; and whether you are deemed by your elected peers to be a ‘bad or irresponsible person’ if you act in a certain way or follow your heart’s desire.

It takes great courage to follow your heart in normal circumstances, but when you have seen your inner potential and discovered who you really are then living in such a way is easy. We spent so much of our time wrapped up with worrying about our internal judgments of things being right or wrong, good or bad, that we fail to see that all things just are the way they are.

By placing continual judgment on ourselves, we put artificial boundaries and problems in our paths all the time. This is not to say we cannot be discerning as to whether we like something or not, but rather this concerns deep-seated beliefs about many things, such as religion, family dynamics, our personal view of ourselves, and other people’s behaviour.

We can be our own worst enemies at times, and we create the problems that make us ill, drive us to distraction, and sometimes lead to premature death.

So if you want to change your state of being, your state of health, and your state of mind, think about not only reading this amazing book ‘Dying to be Me’.

Think about having a revue of the way you think and act, feel and speak; because the frequencies that you generate from your deep-seated beliefs are those which run your life and govern your physical and emotional self.

If you want change your state of health and mind, then take action and do something about it today. Only you have the power to make the choices that can take you down the pathway to health and happiness; but first you have to recognize that you have these problems, and then take positive action to change.

Change is the one thing that frightens us all the most, as most of us feel secure within our own comfort zone of known habits and ways of life. I therefore challenge you, if there’s something in your life that isn’t going well, or something in your state of health that isn’t as you would wish it, read the book to feel inspired, and then get up and take action.

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