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  • Every part of your body including each vertebra in the spine has its own frequency.
  • Everything that you eat has its own frequency.
  • Every thought you think and every emotion you feel has its own frequency.
  • Every chemical you eat, whether by choice or mistake, has its own frequency.
  • You become what you eat and what you think. Your food affects your health and your emotions.
  • Feel fed up? Eat chocolate! Feel restless and hyperactive……too much coffee?
  • You are a result of what you think, and the frequencies of your thoughts and emotions effect you constantly.

Here’s an interesting thought……..

Why do people who have MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS benefit so much from  CANNABIS? Why do females who have Multiple Sclerosis go into remission and get better if they get pregnant?


The frequency of the active component of Cannabis and Progesterone are the same. When pregnancy occurs, progesterone levels rise rapidly. It’s this chemical that is an indicator for your pregnancy test. This is why women with MS who are pregnant experience vast improvements in their symptoms

Here’s another interesting thought!

If you have an overactive thyroid, the extra Thyroxin can make you jittery; your heart races and you feel restless and unable to sleep, you can lose weight and be anxious.

How do you feel if you overdose on strong coffee?  And what do they give you if you are drunk and need to sober up? Strong coffee. It’s a stimulant, of course.

Guess what?  The frequency of Thyroxin and Caffeine are the same.

The Law of Resonance

  • Question: So what happens when you encounter a strong new frequency? This could be in food, or with new people; when driving your car or at a concert.
  • Answer: You start to resonate with it.
  • If that frequency is already strong in your body, it will become stronger and more powerful, and could easily unbalance you. If the frequency is weak in your body, you will be getting what you need and feel GREAT!
  • Ever found a new food that you cant get enough of? Your body NEEDS that frequency!
  • If that strong new frequency is the same as your leg or neck muscle, making it stronger tightens up the muscles.
  • Too much? The muscle then becomes a stiff neck or leg cramp.
  • Its like a see-saw. If one end becomes too heavy the other end becomes too light. So when there is over stress in one area, there will be weakness in another.
  • So you can feel stress or elation when you are exposed to a new frequency.
  • Remember that both thoughts and external input change your body and your mind.
  • You are creating your own reality ALL the time.

All sounds can be cancelled out by an opposing wave form.

For example: You are with someone that drones on and on all night and you begin to feel irritated and restless.  By the end of the evening you feel really bad. Just by walking outside in the silence you feel relief. You go to your car and put on your favourite music and in a short while you feel even more relieved.

Sometimes, you even let rip with a shout or scream either in your mind or out loud. You may even laugh afterwards.  You are automatically making the antidote to the frequencies in their voice that have caused you to feel so uncomfortable!

Go one step further and think about Arthritis.

  • Do you have joint inflammation because of too much Uric Acid, or a stomach problem because of too much digestive acid?
  • How about an antidote with the opposing frequency of the body chemical?
  • Uric Acid is in between the notes of  E and F, (specific frequency) Htz so to cancel it out, you need (specific frequency) Htz A#
  • Hydrochloric Acid is in the note of D (specific frequency) , so you need (specific frequency) htz G#
  • Pepsin is in the note of C#,(specific frequency) Htz so you need (specific frequency)  Htz G
  • Easy!!


Medications: Good and not so good!

  • All people have different voice patterns. Some notes in the vocal range are numerous, and others scant or missing.
  • Ever heard someone with a monotonous droning voice? All their vocal tones are in one area of both octave (pitch) and scale.
  • All medications have frequency and translate into notes of the musical scale.
  • If a medication you take resonates in the strongest area of your voice , you will generally suffer side effects from that medication, like a glass overflowing with water.

You can antidote those side effects with sound!

  • Even better, you can find out how a medication will effect you before you even consider taking it.
  • Would you like to find out if YOUR child could be adversely affected by a vaccine?
  • If you were completely balanced, you wouldn’t need a vaccine or medication, because your body would be able to take care of any virus or incoming problem on its own.

Addictive Drugs

Some drugs are highly  addictive, such as the antidepressant diazepam group which includes Valium. You can replace the frequency of Valium gradually with sound and this helps you to come off of the drug.

Specific frequencies stimulate chemicals in the body, in the same way that a still tuning fork will resonate when a ringing one is placed next to it.

So if you are addicted to a drug, we can replace the drug with frequency and help you break the addiction.

This has been done with many addictive and carcinogenic medications, and drugs such as marijuana and heroin.

Every element and chemical compound has either an atomic or molecular weight. These can all be translated into frequency, either by the mass to frequency equation or by mathematical calculation to suit the human Bio system.

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