Musical notes

Elaine’s Notes on Notes

Notes that are overabundant or missing in your voice range relate to: (This is a partial list)

C: Personal power, female sexuality, caring for the self,  caring for others, eye muscles (C and C#) blood problems, the heart muscle, cancer, large body muscle strength.

C#: Female problems– lower back problems, hysterectomy, child fertility, fertility drugs, tendons, ligaments, scar tissue, infections, inflammation, neck problems, shoulder problems, some digestive problems such as Crohn’s disease with D; Depuytrens Syndrome, Carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, some infections. Breast Cancer, fibroids. Endorphins; Finger muscles

D and D#: Oxygenation of digestion, liver, anger, emotions, constipation when note is full – digestion of food, male and female hormones, Food allergies; Parkinson’s Disease, Dementia, Dopamine; Amino acids that keep your brain clean and clear, catatonia; muscles in the throat.

Missing note of D, Mutiple Sclerosis

E: Lungs, dairy allergies, overabundant E for  catarrh, bronchitis, asthma (congested kind), emotionally represents the heart; too much E can mean being stuck in a situation that you don’t like but don’t know what to do about it or can’t change – lack of E = no joy in your life or asthma (nervous kind) or hay fever & sinusitis (D#-E). Important minerals here such as Calcium, Cigarette nicotine frequency is here.

F: Kidneys, bladder, prostate, sexuality (male); Lack of F/F# in a man can mean possible low sex drive or not enough sexual activity. If there is lack, you can be emotionally indecisive, can have weak muscle tone (you need serotonin in this area) .Too much can indicate Chemical allergies. In the middle of the F band are a lot of the corticosteroids that are natural to the body – you need good balance with the note of B in rheumatic and arthritic conditions– or when doctors recommend steroids. Too high F/F# leads to high stress levels and then B/C goes missing – leading to cancer. F/F# high  is very acid body– B/C is more alkaline. Close to F is where ‘Substance P’ is found, which is produced when extreme pain is in the body.

F#: Filtering system for F – these two go together very well – probably the two most needed notes in the chart to “succeed” in life – no F frequencies can be prostate cancer in men – adrenaline  and cortisol is here, and so is  sodium.

G: Neurotransmitters, minerals, the “happy” note. G is the colour of the sky. Lack of G/G# = depression (apathetic) too much G/G#/A = manic depression and mental disorders. G/G# is the chemical balancer with D/D#. These sets of notes are very important for digestion & balance of minerals in the body. Thyroxin and caffeine are here, plus some important leg and buttock muscles. Hormones usage needs balance in G.

G#: Together with G, G# is more connected to minerals” than G, although the important mineral Magnesium is in G. It’s also the area where the more complex neurotransmitter functions go on – hence excess G# can contribute to manic depression, schizophrenia. Chromium is here for energy– chromium picolinate (G#) together with it’s oposite glutamic acid (or glutamine) gives energy in body. GABA is here, and is out of balance or missing in hyperactive autism. D and G# are out of balance in Dementia and Altzheimers Disease.

A: Eye problems, knees. Together with A# it represents the immune system. A = degeneration of the body functions, calf muscles, lower legs, degeneration of eyesight (missing A) Aids; Emotionally connected to business accumen and success in that area.

A#: Detoxifying both physically and emotionally. It’s the creative expression of E (the heart and joy) when it’s in balance (E-A#). A# is in excess with Attention Deficit Disorder. Missing in Epilepsy; Overabundant can mean excessive temper or being prone to emotional outbursts; missing or low can indicate inability to speak up for yourself, fear of conflict and anger.Antidote to ‘Substance P’ and pain relief is here.

B: Represents the body electric, ears, hearing, deafness, and without B minerals don’t work so well. You lose your body electric balance when you have too much computer radiation. This can be helped with a daily shower. Water is good to restore balance at an energetic level.  B is also for fine motor movements, connects to high blood pressure and disconnection with the body. Is usually missing with Cancer.

B or E or D can relate to high blood pressure. Some important arm muscles are in B. Computer workers with missing B can have symptoms of grey hair, fatigue, grey skin, fatigue and poor digestion. Your body minerals need the electrical energy in B to carry them. When B and C aretotally  missing in women, this can lead to cancer (relates to mind and body disconnect). In B you can find  copper, iodine, oxytocin and lots of vitamins.

A#/E relate to the Jaw and face muscles, TMJ

C#/G are related to neck and shoulder problems  and fertility problems

Missing note of D and or A, Mutiple Sclerosis profile; D is a problem in Parkinson’s disease , IBS, Crohns disease, hormone problems

F and F# Bladder and bowel malfunction, Toxicity if filtering system is not working, malabsorption of vitamins and minerals