Problems with Pregnancy?

  • Workshop Two : Contact me for details
  • A much requested Special on Pregnancy, Miscarriage, Infertility, IVF issues and all related topics to bring balance back to your system.
  •  Do you want to be Pregnant, but are having difficulties?
  • Can you get pregnant but your body has problems holding the embryo?
  • Have you had ectopic pregnancies and related problems?
  •  Each person has their own story to tell when it comes to wanting a child and finding that there are seemingly endless problems that take forever to overcome.
  •  Help may be at hand here with Sound Therapy.

In the past, I was honoured to be invited for collaboration to a specialist Fertility Clinic in Switzerland, thanks to my results in this field, and have worked with a private London Fertility Clinic in the UK successfully. My own daughter has had major problems with pregnancy, and now has healthy twin girls as a testament to perseverance, courage and help. So you can see that I have a good insight into problems with Fertility!

  • I will be demonstrating individual voice analysis.
  • Explaining what your voice tells me, checking out your own personal charts and voice print for vocal balance.
  • Looking at how well your  bodily systems work,
  • So in this Special one day event, you can go home with a CD of Sounds tailored to fit your needs, as a starter booster to resolving your problems.
  • If it’s a question of stress, hormone imbalance, STD’s, fallopian tube blockage, an ‘unknown factor’ or even if it’s your husband or partners fertility being the initial problem, Sound Therapy can help.
  • This workshop also covers an explanation of how sound works–pinpointing your specific problem with Voice Analysis and a free CD of your personal Sound Solution
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