What have I done around the world?

Elaine Thompson, Sound Frequency Specialist

It has been said that I am one of Europe’s most qualified Sound Therapy practitioners and teachers. To support that, I have been involved in practice and training both in the U.K., USA and in Europe for more than twenty five years.

Having gained an enormous wealth of knowledge regarding frequencies of the body, this helps my ability to pinpoint the emotional problems that create ill health.

After demonstrating the unique power of sound to dramatically improve physical and mental health conditions in Germany,  I was featured on RTL Television in Europe, and was invited back to work, teach and research periodically at the Central Clinic in Bad Sulza, Germany, helping clients with Sound therapy and researching its effect on serious illness alongside allopathic doctors. More recently, I was regularly featured on Sky TV  over the year from October 2012 to 2013.

Over the years, I have been fortunate to be featured in many magazine articles, including Kindred Spirit, Seven Magazine, The Times newspaper (UK), and various books including Music, Magic and Medicine by Lutz Berger.There is also an interesting section on this therapy in Vibrational Medicine by Richard Gerber MD.

I also took part in several Dolphin Research projects with my colleague and friend, researcher and author Marysol Gonzales in Tenerife, and also the Joyful Heart Foundation USA.

I have collated information on how the sounds of Dolphins benefit and affect seriously disabled children and traumatized adults. The research data included voice print spectral analysis before and after exposure to captive and wild dolphins.

This research material was then analyzed for both emotional, physical, and biochemical level changes (I.E. mineral and vitamin levels, endorphins, etc). It was noted that as well as improvement in physical condition and mental awareness, there were marked peaks of certain chemicals registered in the body that was common to a majority of test cases.

The children were also exposed to cranial sacral treatment, which was documented separately.

On a recent visit to the USA I was fortunate enough to be invited as a guest to the childrens hospital in Georgia, Virginia, to observe and review data concerning the possible beneficial effects of Sound with children suffering with brain tumours.

Past seminars with my dearest friend Joan in Hawaii were

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