Your Personal Sounds

Everyone has a personal Octave of Sound

I can calculate this by knowing your birth date, and where you were born. The personal octave has important points that are affected more than others by external and internal frequencies.  It is vitally important that your frequencies be balanced for optimum health. Personal tones relate to different areas of your life, such as personal strengths, self esteem, childhood, inner self and situations that affect you from outside the self, such as relationships, accidents, life situations, emotional worries and stresses from others.

Emotional Trauma

  • When you have had a traumatic experience, your subconscious will ‘shut down’ on the frequencies that relate to the emotional problem.
  • If you don’t deal with the problem, in time, the pattern settles into the physical body and becomes a health problem. This is because you are unconsciously ‘starving’ the body of the energy and frequencies it needs to stay balanced and healthy.
  • Avoidance or fear of the emotions associated with the trauma means avoidance of the life giving frequencies.

What’s in  Your Voice?

All thoughts generate frequencies. If you repeatedly have the same negative or worrying thoughts, they create pathways in the brain that become like tyre tracks

The more you think them, the deeper and more embedded they become; then that particular frequency grows stronger than others. If that frequency opposes a vital chemical in your system, you will feel the results very quickly. An emotionally toxic voice print is the visible result.

This voice print shows a toxic pattern

Joyful thoughts tend to be more expansive and cover a larger area in the voice, giving better balance, giving most frequencies equality in the voice.

This is what a ‘toxic’ voice print looks like. The peaks show that there are strong repeating vocal patterns spanning many octaves, showing imbalance throughout the physical and mental system.

Our thoughts and emotions affect our mood and wellbeing. They alter our brain chemistry, causing neurotransmitters to fire, and tears or laughter can be the result.
Even facial expressions transmit frequencies that are perceived and translated by the most wonderful tool mankind has, the Brain.

A Knowing smile

Silently translating the frequencies of facial and body expression is the first stage of Telepathy, and babies do it all the time!

The people you work or live with have a dramatic impact on your wellbeing. You are affected by their frequency fields and this triggers thoughts and emotions. Example: Thought……This person is really lovely = ‘good’ body chemicals = feelings of contentment and wellbeing. Thought…….This person really irritates me = triggering of stressor chemicals = feeling of anger or restlessness. You cant wait to get away! Your senses are telling you all the time what is good and what is not. You receive the information and the brain translates it instantaneously into chemical impulses and physical reactions, all within nanoseconds.

Inside the Brain.

We can influence the chemicals in our brain with sound.  Therefore, we can alter our DNA with sound. Mobile phone signals have been found to be detrimental and damaging to our DNA. The thoughts we think generate frequency, so it follows that we can alter our DNA with our thoughts.

  • Example: You feel fear or have a fearful thought, and you immediately produce adrenaline. You have a joyful thought, you produce endorphins.

Voice Analysis

If you have a health problem, it shows in your voice. Your vocal range can be analysed to find what is missing or over stressed, and which emotions are linked to the problem.  Many levels are looked at:

  • Physical, emotional, chemical, vital cellular energy, neuro–physical. This shows at what octave level and pitch your health problem has settled and where it is in your physical system.
  • Very specific frequency formulas or equations are calculated within the brain wave range.
  • These are then given back to you via a CD or tone box to re-train your brainwave patterns, stimulate and release the emotions, and help you to bring your body and mind back into balance.
  • Stressful situations, traumatic events, emotions and thoughts that link to other people in our lives, are the biggest cause of imbalance and disease; followed by ingestion of chemicals, and exposure to unwanted frequencies.

Isn’t this picture lovely?

Will you be my Friend?

How did you react when you saw that cute puppy?  Did you smile?

  • You have just released chemicals into your body because of your thoughts and feelings.
  • You used your smile muscles which all have frequencies.
  • You generated and radiated the frequency colour of these feelings in your electromagnetic field, or aura.
  • Now you can really see how every second of every day creates who and how you are, by your reactions to the external world, and your thoughts about it.

Frequencies are linked to events and people.

So you can see that everyone needs to learn to be balanced, and to know what balanced means in terms of your whole being and the wonderful symphony that you are.

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