Your Individual Voice Print

What is it, and what does it look like?

When I take a voice print, I use a microphone and my computer to accurately measure you tones and frequencies in you voice. The tones are sorted into musical note categories and are displayed on a Numerical chart:

You can see the imbalances between the notes of B and C (low numbers) and F and F# (high numbers). In general terms, this means that the vocal tones are more concentrated around F and F#, with little energy in the voice hitting B and C. The body chemicals adrenalin and cortisol (amongst many others) are found within the F-F# frequency range, and this chart is reflecting the stress, as shown in the persons voice.

Perhaps the most important point in this voice print is the lack of any real vocal tone in the note of C#. This indicates that there is a problem within the lower abdomen area. Click here to see a chart of notes and their meanings.

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Voice print and Graph