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What happens at an appointment ?

After you have contacted me, I will send you an information sheet and a medical questionnaire. If you decide you want to go further then you fill in the medical questionnaire and send it back to me.

I research data on medications and other information, and then I calculate your own uniquely personal set of frequencies. This is a free and inclusive added extra to the spectral  and numerical graph analysis I will do at the appointment.

I take in to account the fact that your parents, husband, wife and children and any other significant people in your life will also have an influence on you. At the session, two voice recordings are taken using  custom designed computer programs.

This information is then analysed by me, and frequencies at brain wave level are calculated to 100th of a hertz that will bring your body back into balance. These sounds are then tested  to find those that have optimum effectiveness. In testing, I make sure that your body accepts sounds in the way it prefers.

Everyone is unique and your body responses will tell me what I need to know.

Common experiences when being sound tested are:

Tingling sensations in various areas of the body.

Warmth can be felt in unrelated areas of the body.

Body feeling very light, or very heavy

Emotional release, such as laughter or tears.

Feeling moving energy in the body.

Finding it easier to breathe.

Feeling exceptionally relaxed, or alert and excited

Some people experience strong visual images or emotions with different sounds.

Feeling tingling or energy movement on one side of the body only.

After the test session:

                                   Just say YES…your’e worth it!

Your selected sounds are then burned to CD for you to take home with you.

You have the choice of either listening to the sounds with a headset, or playing the sounds through your own sound system at home.

The sounds you have on your CD will affect you on all levels – mind, body and spirit; mental, physical, biochemical. As in any therapy, the help provided by sound therapy is like a bridge to get you from one place to another. I am not looking for you to become reliant on the sounds.

True healing involves the ability to release long held emotions and habitual patterns, integrating this new learning and making it a permanent change. Once you have ‘crossed this bridge’ it is essential that you continue on your journey. Illness is often merely a case of being stuck – either in a belief, a thought pattern, in your actions or all three of these things.

The initial analysis of your voice gives vital clues to the root of your illness.

If you want to be well, then change must happen. Using your sounds you can begin to identify and change those things in your daily life that are keeping you out of balance.

I am here to support you to change and be well, so you can keep in contact by email or phone during your time on the sounds.

Your healing is my intention.

I hope that this gives you a clear indication of what the therapy consists of and what to expect at an appointment. If you should have any questions drop me an email.