Results from Clients

What people have said about their state of health after using Sound therapy…….

Mr. C.C. with Parkinson’s disease and high blood pressure says: My tremors have improved, and I am now taking only half the dosage of my medication; my blood pressure has dropped from 160 to normal; my sinusitis has gone. His family says he is quiet inside now and has experienced emotional changes.

Mr. J.B with Parkinson’s disease says: My tremor is gone, I have better co-ordination and reactions especially when driving, I can now swim again because I am much more mobile, and I have a bigger and faster stride when walking. My life feels much more positive now!

Mr. A.R with Hallervorden-Spatz syndrome. Things are better, my voice and diction are improving; my body, especially my arms, feel stronger; no more headaches.

Mrs. S.D with paralysis due to Aorta rupture, and frozen nerves from vertebrae T6. When she first arrived she could not walk due to paralysis. She now says; the pain in my back has got better, I can stand on my own now because part of the paralysis went away.  The hospital says my nerves are regenerating. I can now lift my legs and move my toes and feet; my knees were locked, now they are free. (Mrs S.D)

J.B aged eight with epilepsy, lack of fine motor movements, hypothyroidism and language difficulty. His father says he is now ‘unlocked and alert’; no longer weary and tired, more cheerful. He has more energy and perseverance, his logical thinking has improved, he has better speech and pronunciation, and better writing.

Mrs. E.A in a wheelchair with Multiple Sclerosis says…The mobility in all of my limbs has improved, especially my right foot: I have removed one of my medications: My back pain has now gone; I am a lot more calm and my nervousness has gone.

I feel very positive with this therapy!

Mrs. G.N with migraine; extreme hip pain, whiplash and damage to vertebrae L3/4 and L4/5. She says: I now have total remission of back pain. Before, I was hardly able to walk, and I couldn’t be without a neck brace. Now I feel emotionally totally different. It’s wonderful to be without pain!

Mrs. O.J. says: The doctors said I would be in a wheelchair within 6 months. Since having my sounds, I no longer have severe back pains or headaches. I have gone from strength to strength, and I feel that my whole life has changed now!


This is just a small selection of written feedback from clients who have used Sound Therapy.