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”Inside info”: an article by R.F. for ‘Sound News’

Some time ago an article on Sound Therapy appeared in Kindred Spirit featuring Europe’s first practitioner Elaine Thompson.

Breaking the Sound Barriers of Disease

What was different about this form of sound therapy was its use of the latest computer technology to analyse the voice in order to discover energy imbalance on both physical and emotional levels.

Once the ‘missing` frequencies are identified they are fed back to the client via a device known as a tonebox or a CD.

Whilst Elaine was working  in a clinic in Germany, she gained insight and experience about  serious  diseases such as Ataxia, Parkinson’s, M.S, spasticity,  A.L.S and other serious problems.

It is a common experience for practitioners in complimentary medicine to be deluged with those cases where the individual has exhausted all conventional medicine has to offer. Cases like these are rich learning grounds for a practitioner as Elaine testifies.

“I never cease to be amazed by the many routes people take in order to become imbalanced. The link between emotions and disease are plain to see in the majority of cases, and a major factor in clients achieving wellness is raising their own awareness and consciousness. Those individuals who really want to heal grasp the nettle and, allied with their missing sounds, trigger a healing process that can be faster and more permanent. The sound therapy is  like a boat that takes them to the other side – and then they have to get off the boat and take personal responsibility for their thoughts and actions.’’

Louise Hays Little Blue Book

Elaine is a firm believer in the work of Louise Hay, Caroline Myss and Milton Erikson.

“When recording the voice I get the opportunity to ask questions that would not normally come up for the client. It is common for both of us to get tremendous insights into the actual cause of the imbalance.

Many questions are posed to evoke different emotional responses. Even if someone is cagey about a certain topic the initial ‘ermm….` can betray the true emotions and relevant frequencies, before the client has a chance to ‘compose` a comfortable or evasive answer!”

Similarly, good clues to important frequencies for the client can be seen when talking about parents, partners, bereavements, passionate subjects, happy events, or stressful episodes in their life.

“I had one client recently who had not wished to talk in detail about her darkest fears and memories. Of course I respected this wish. When we had finished recording her answers to my questions I related back to her what the information on the screen indicated in terms of personality traits and probable physical problems.

She was perturbed at the accuracy and said that it was both a relief and a worry that her voice had betrayed this information, as she was so used to hiding that part of herself from other people. My reply was that on some level all of this ‘hidden` information is transmitted from our energy field in every interaction we have. On that level we have no secrets, nor do we have any fears. Part of the journey is to come to terms with those fears, to resonate at our highest potential frequency.”

Sound is a remarkable tool for achieving a positive change in attitude. It is possible to lift someone out of a depression or shrink a mental problem into perspective in a very short time. The frequencies that are used match brain wave patterns exactly. It is thought that the sound entrains the brain to free pathways in the body that are blocked for some reason.

It can also be possible to activate/stimulate, or call to use, substances present in the body that are currently inactive ; for example hormones — in the case of menopause or impotence.

You also need to be a bit of a detective in some cases. Elaine recalls: “I saw a client whose voice print indicated acute toxicity. His hands had an orange tint to them and I jokingly asked him if he liked carrots. Yes was the reply, he couldn’t get enough of them.

On looking up the highest frequency in his voice I found Lindane – a pesticide! Apparently carrots absorb pesticides such as  Lindane more readily than many other vegetables, and this man was being poisoned by his supposedly healthy habit of eating large amounts of carrots. I was able to neutralise the toxin’s frequency and put him on a detox programme.”

Many frequencies that are problems for a client can be glaringly obvious when looking at the voice spectrograph. We each have our own set of frequencies known as natal frequencies. These correlate to our date of birth. When recording the voice each frequency is sorted according to its octave and it`s musical note (C, C#, D etc).

One person’s personal note of C, for example will be different to a person born a day later. If a note that relates to a personal trait or pattern is either too weak, or too strong it is a problem. If it matches a natal frequency it is even more relevant.

If that frequency happens to coincide with a muscle there will almost definitely be a problem there. If that frequency is also a vertebra frequency and the frequency of a bio-chemical, from a practitioner’s point of view you have struck gold!

This happens quite often. Other interesting matches can be seen when partner’s or parent’s frequencies show as too strong or too weak in a chart. This is testimony to the influence we can have on each other on all levels. When someone has suffered bereavement, playing the natal frequency of the loved one can bring comfort, as it is inherently recognised by the mind as something we miss.