New Training Classes for 2018

Sound Therapy UK Presents:

5 Day Intensive Course: Basic Foundation
5 Day Intensive Course: Advanced
Incorporating Practitioner Certification.

How will this course benefit you?

Discover how sound frequency can literally change your life, and that of your family, friends and clients.  Find the root causes of disease and be able to give the body systems balance, by introducing a healthy framework for the body and mind to work with.

Learn how to have and maintain a healthy body, mind and lifestyle.

Become a practitioner in the fastest growing discipline in today’s world.

Be at the cutting edge of the most comprehensive therapy, and be able to look at ANY disease or health problem.

Be able to monitor your own health and balance at all times.

 Run your own practice or integrate this therapy alongside any other.

Classes 2018

January 15th-19th   Part One Foundation

March 19th-23rd   Part One Foundation

May 14th 18th        Part One  Foundation

July 9th -13th         Part One Foundation

 Please remember that you can choose a later date for your Part Two if you need more time for case studies, or have difficulty with booking time out  from other work.

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2018  Workshops

Sound Therapy  One Day Workshops in


The very popular ”An Introduction to Sound”

New workshops:TBA

ALL One Day WORKSHOPS:  £75.00

Email me for details

  • The new format for workshops is a One Day Event starting at 10.00am and finishing around 5.00pm. I have been asked so many times to share my knowledge and experience  of solutions for some of the most common problems that are around today, so here we go!

  • Workshop One: ”An  Introduction to  Sound ”:

  • I will explain and demonstrate  how low frequency Sound works

  • I will be demonstrating individual Voice Analysis.

  • Looking at the emotional reasons that create illness.

  • Explaining what your vocal profile tells me, checking out your own personal charts and voice print for vocal balance.

  • Looking at how well your bodily systems work, and how they affect your health.

  • Pinpointing your specific problems with Voice Analysis

  • Contact me  by email for a Diploma Class Prospectus!

 I look forward to seeing you!




Date Location Part Duration Level Cost
TBC Private:
TBC Private:
TBC Private: Classes for 2018 Course Dates: 2018 Part One Basics May 11th -15th : Part One Basics June 15th-19th: Part Two Advanced July 13th-17th : Part Two Advanced September 14th -18th : Part One Basics November 9th -13th : Part Two Advanced Classes begin at 9.30am and finish at approximately 5-5.30pm with a flexible hour or so for lunch. Tea and coffee are provided throughout the day. There will be extra curricular activity some evenings (optional) such as Cymatics and Sound Therapy films. 5 days Beginner practitioner and Advanced Practitioner