Sound Therapy for the Soul

Today, I decided to take just a few minutes at the start of my day to sit by the patio doors, look into my small garden and give thanks. I chose to light a candle (optional, but I thought it was nice) focus my attention on  my heart, ( imagining it was open) and say out loud (there’s only me in the house right now) that I was grateful for all the good things that will happen today.

I gave thanks for my health, the love I get from my family, and went on through a short mental list of all the things I was thankful for.

You could call this a prayer, but it was not so much that, as me adjusting my frequency to the positive side……taking a moment to send my positive thoughts — direct as an arrow, into my surroundings and out into the world. I was ‘setting up my day’  frequency wise with my thoughts and feelings..sending out and welcoming in ‘good vibes’.

We all go through our days dealing with whatever comes at us, in the form of traffic jams, irritating people, delays, minor mishaps, fearful tasks (such as dealing with interviews, or debts) or caring for family members.

But think about what I just said…….. we deal with what comes at us………why not give yourself a kind of ‘ready brek’ glow of positive thoughts and feelings before your day starts?

It works, you know, because the first thing it does is give you a smile. Being grateful for anything changes the tone of your voice and always brings a warm feeling and a glow to your energy.

And believe it or not, it forges a path in front of you that is like a defending army against all the little knocks and problems we encounter, and even makes you respond differently!

So instead of dealing with what comes at you —  sometimes taking you by complete surprise, why not create a smiley buffer zone, so that the emotional impact of any difficult situation is less?

When you change your thoughts and feelings, you change your body chemistry, (and your frequencies) and you can start your day with good vibes……it’s as good as, if not better, than a good breakfast!

Think about when we lay the table before a special meal, in order that the food will be presented more beautifully, and all the effort that went into cooking it will be clearly seen. This is preparation and setting the vibe for what is to come, isn’t  it?

You do it with many things, such as choosing what to wear today in order that you feel and look good — setting up your image.  And doesn’t it make you  feel good?

You set up your external vibes so many times a day for various things, in order that everything runs as smoothly as it can.

So don’t forget the most important bit……YOU!

Start your day with a moment of thanks and gratitude that all those good things are coming! You don’t have to name any of them or think about what you would like to come to you ….that sets up expectations in a muddly way……. but just allow things to happen knowing that you have prepared the table (yourself) for a wonderful meal (the good things that are coming) and keep wearing that knowing smile…..because you are boosting your immune system, improving your health and your ‘ready brek’  glow of happiness will just carry you through the day!

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