Change your negative thoughts to positive ones

Working with you to calm that inner voice that nags you all the time.

When you  decide that you want to really DO something about your life, and recognise how your mind can rule you day and night with the same old worries, over and over…..then it is time to retrain the way you think.

The sounds that I offer you can support you through this process of change. As the sounds redress the imbalance, your thought patterns will be more balanced. As a result of this, you may feel inspired to do something positive that feels totally natural and right for you.

Those negative thoughts and worries will only arise if you continue to make a really concerted conscious effort to think the same old negative thoughts.

In effect the sounds make this harder to do. They are entraining your brain toward wholeness and balance, and this involves liberating you from the thought patterns – the brain’s repeated messages which have thrown your body into stress, worry and dis-ease.

As a client, the fear of having to confront suppressed emotions can loom large in your mind, and you may be unsure that the sounds can provide an adequate supportive bridge to the other side where health and freedom are within your reach.

Each individual has their own story to tell.

People sometimes come to me with an agenda, perhaps ready to trot out a safe self analysis, one that doesn’t give too much away. After creating a safe and friendly atmosphere in which to talk, and explaining what all of the apparatus is for, the real task begins.

To me this involves offering the client the chance to take responsibility for their own imbalance, the opportunity to take hold of the reins which can steer them to harmony – and  in less flowery language, to learn what their beliefs are and how those beliefs affect their thoughts.

Very often, when talking about the areas closest to the root of the problem, and being shown the notes popping up on the analysis programme, it all becomes very clear to client just what areas of their lives are causing the problems…and this makes it easier to accept that the things that have happened in the past, affect the way we are today.

Empowering you is what I am all about, whether it is with Sound Therapy or Hypnosis…it all comes down to helping you to find a better life that is full of freedom to be who you want to be.

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