The Sounds and Good Therapy of Autumn

Glorious Autumn

Outside my window today, the trees are turning golden,…there are hints of  flame red and glorious orange, like the setting sun on a warm day. And doesnt  it make us  all think of warm clothes, crackling fires and warming and hearty food?

But did you know that the colours now are related to musical notes? Right through from bright red as the note of C, C# as orange red,drifting into D and D#, shades of true orange, to E which is sunny yellow.

As the leaves fade  from lime green F, and dark green F#, we begin to change from ourhigh summer vibes, and begin to emotionally resonate with the rich autumn colours around us.

And guess what? Those colours  govern the body on and emotional and physical level from the chest and heart ( E ) down through the digestive system to the base  or root energy C.

So what does this mean? It means we want different foods that are in harmony with the season, and we dress in different  coloured clothes, (warmer, of course!)

But we all know this, dont we?

But what you may not know is how it will affect the overall colour patterns of your voice, and therefore your well being.

You can always find those horrid bugs and viruses showing up in C#……and if you have an abundance of C# in your voice, you can bet that you will be the first to succumb to a cold or dare I say it, ‘Man Flu’  (for those guys out there)  and straight Flu if you are a woman! 🙂

And dont forget that too much C# in your voice can unbalance your partner who will more than likely have too much G  in his or her voice. If you are a woman, with not enough C# because your husband or maybe your  partner has an excess, this can affect your ability to handle any aspect of fertility (can’t get pregnant, unable to carry a child well in utero, and all related issues) and also cause digestive problems, possibly IBS, tendon issues and all manner of lower body difficulties.

The way your voice is pitched makes a hugh difference to the way you respond to viruses and bacteria. If you have ‘too much’ (a high peak) of any particular tone in your voice, then when a virus or bacteria comes along that resonates at that pitch, you wont be able to handle it well. Its like a glass that is full up with water….if you add any more, then you cannot contain the extra… the virus takes over, and Bingo!….you have a cold.

Viruses and bacteria all resonate at their own particular rate and so its fairly simple to detect with a vocal spectrgraph sample which one is gaining strength in your body, and why you are not fighting it quickly and completely with your immune system.

This principle also applies in many other areas of illness…but thats a blog for another day.

In the mean time, get out and about, dress warmly and take in all those beautiful colours, because they will strengthen your energy and help you ward off those bugs!

More coming soon!

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