Can’t get your baby to sleep? Try these Sound Therapy Cuddleys

Sound machines have changed the way parents handle the stress of a newborn. Typically, parents in this situation get little sleep, which is tough. However, using a special type of machine known as a sound machine makes all the difference in the world. While some machines are a little more high-tech in appearance, a number of designs have been developed specifically to coordinate with a nursery.

Specific to a baby, the following are the top four sound conditioners that make the ideal companion for nap or night-time.

Sleep Sheep – This is one of the most adorable of all sound machines. The design is that of a fuzzy sheep designed to attach to crib slats with a Velcro tab. Securely and safely on the inside is a sound box that features a heartbeat and gentle nature sounds. Made with easy on/off controls and adjustable volume, as well as automatic 23-minute shutoff, this is an amazing choice. Best of all, the Sleep Sheep sound machine is portable so when parents travel to the grandparents, they can take the machine with them. Even better is the fact that the sound box is removable so when the sheep gets dirty, it can be washed. (This one looks great at Amazon for £23.99!)

Sound Oasis Deluxe Sleep Bear – This machine is another one of the sound machines that looks amazing in a baby’s room. Designed to encourage rest, relaxation, and sleep with sound of nature or the special bio-sync technology, parents can watch their little one fall asleep easier and quicker. The sound technology was actually the result of a sound therapy expert, which improves quality of sleep day or night. Featuring six, quality sounds specific to babies such as car ride, intrauterine, and heartbeat is what makes this a top consideration. (This one seems to be out of stock)

Cloud B Gentle Giraffe – Priced around $25, this cute giraffe is rated as one of the top sound machines but also an interactive plush toy. For a newborn that needs to sleep, soothing sounds are played but for an older child that wants to cuddle, the giraffe has unique sounds to include safari groove, Victoria Falls, jungle trails, and babbling brook. While some sound machines do not offer sleep timers, this one has two – 23 and 45 minutes!

Lulla-Bear MP3 Stuffed Animal – Every child needs his or her first bear so why not one designed as one of the top sound conditioners. At night, the bear is designed to play soft lullabies downloaded to the MP3 player so the baby has a soothing and relaxing environment but for an older child, the bear can rock out to fun tunes during playtime. Being able to customize a playlist consisting of sounds and music is what makes this such a unique option and top seller.

For more information on sound machines, check out where you can purchase sound conditioners, sound therapy products and other sleep and relaxation aids for babies, children and adults.

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