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Sound and Frequency is the Universal Language.

All living things, including you, are made up of millions of frequencies. Your body is making inaudible sounds all the time.

Your body resonates inside with sounds generated by your physical and chemical makeup – and responds to external input from people, emotional situations and both lower and higher frequencies in the air.

What exactly is Frequency and Sound?

Every single thing in our world vibrates at a certain pitch. You think you don’t hear it but your body registers everything. Sound is both a particle and a wave and your brain knows it as an information package. It tells you when a vibration is something good, bad or neutral.

All these things have specific frequencies.

Sunlight, colour, radio waves, mobile phone transmissions, sonar, radar. Television signals, dolphin voices, chemicals, trees; muscles, blood, bones, food, emotions. Thoughts, disease, your voice …and on to infinity. The good news is, we know what most of those frequencies are.

Communication is frequency translated into sound.
Vocal communication is audible – you hear it. ‘Just knowing’, or telepathic communication is inaudible – you feel and know it. Emotions are also frequencies,   but you feel them, not hear them

Every colour in the spectrum resonates at its own frequency and each has a different wavelength and sound, even though we cannot hear it. You all know the difference between choosing a red sweater or a blue one – you choose which one ‘feels’ right for you, because your innate inner knowing tells you that this colour is right and good for you today.

Musical notes also match Astrological signs, and so do you.

  • C represents Aries F# represents Libra
  • C# represents Taurus G represents Scorpio
  • D represents Gemini G# represents Sagittarius
  • D# represents Cancer A represents Capricorn
  • E represents Leo A# represents Aquarius
  • F represents Virgo B represents Pisces

Think about this:

Every chemical in your body has its own frequency.

Every system, such as digestive, respiratory, endocrine and circulatory has its own governing place in the scale of musical notes.

Every vertebrae has its own sound, and so does every muscle, nerve and ligament.

Every Muscle has its own frequency. So if you don’t generate enough B, C or C# in your voice, you could develop a weakness in your arms, wrists or hands, depending on your personal makeup!

Examples of governing musical notes related to your body.

C# governs fertility, mucous membranes, inflammation in the joints and tendons, and much more. Can’t get pregnant? You are not generating enough C# in your body!

Got arthritis, swollen joints, cysts, fibroids or infection? Too much C#!

G and G# govern the functions of the brain and the chemicals that are held there.

Are you a worrier, can’t get to sleep because you can’t stop thinking? Too much G and G#! If you have apathy and depression – not enough G and G#.

Kidney, bladder or prostate problems? The answer lies in the note of F.

Musical notes govern different systems in the body and they also govern emotions, but each person will have their own emotional traumas attached to a different note.

This is why we are all so different, and why we all get different health problems.

This is also why some people catch colds easily and others don’t. It depends where your strength or weakness lies in the musical scale generated within your voice.

There are some well known diseases that have typical patterns in the voice.

Female cancer always shows the notes of B and C missing in the voice.

Cancerous tumours in the breasts and ovaries. C# missing

Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s Disease. D missing

Emphysema and lung diseases. E missing or over abundant

Prostate cancer in men and kidney failure. F to F# missing

Depression and Hypothyroid G and G# missing or low

Aids virus, Problems with knees and eyes. A missing or over abundant.

Epilepsy  A# missing and ADHD too much A#

Systemic disease, electrical body strength low, deafness. B missing

What else do the Musical notes represent?

Correlations are

C.  Gross circulation, large body muscles, blood, emotional personal power

C#. Circulation, tendons and ligaments, ulcers and lining tissue, female reproduction

D. Organs, pancreas, spleen gall bladder, hormones, with G#

D#. Oxygenation of digestion and cells, constipation, food allergies, liver, emotional         anger and being ‘stuck’

E. Lungs, dairy allergies, getting rid of mucous. Emotional joy, heart energy.

F. Kidneys, Bladder, prostate gland. Unshed tears

F#.  Screening and filtering toxins. Lower back, sciatic problems.

G. Neurotransmitters, bones, using minerals. Mental health

G#. Enzymes, absorption of minerals, mental wellbeing with D

A.  Rebuilding the physical body, eyes, knees, physical degeneration.

A#. Detoxifying chemicals, degeneration of body processes.

B. Body-mind connection, systemic disease, body electrical field, hearing.

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