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Part 1 Foundation Course details

Be empowered to make change!

This course is for you – whether you are a therapist or an individual wanting to use Sound Therapy to help bring about changes in your own life.

Apart from your own health concerns, it can help change the way you see yourself, and how you respond to others. Then you can empower others towards wellness and vitality.

Becoming a qualified Therapist is only the start of the journey. It begins with you – and what you can learn about yourself and how you relate to others.

You can:

* Become skilled and confident in using Sound to balance and enhance others health, state of mind and body.
* Learn how specific sounds can help the body and mind rebalance progressive disease and correct problems that doctors say they can’t help with.
* Understand how the body and emotional connections work, and how to bring about change for optimum well being.

* How emotions and bio-chemistry are at the root of everything.
* How to make powerful, rapid and effective changes to mind and body, and manage your own health and well-being issues.
* How to deal with different illnesses and problems across the board .
* How to motivate and inspire clients to be body and mind aware.
* How the emotional causes of illness work and how to find and dissolve the root causes.
* How to help heal and balance the body – from sports injuries to depression.
* What the specific frequencies are of body systems, meridians, chemicals and muscles in the body.

As your tutor, I will mentor and guide you through all stages of learning, allowing you to open up and see the Universal Language of Frequency and Sound at work.

Through Sound Therapy we can facilitate and promote balance in ourselves and others, and make permanent changes in emotional mind and physical body patterns.

What the students say:

“This fascinating Diploma course was a huge learning curve for me. I gained priceless insights into what Sound and Frequency actually IS…..and how it affects absolutely everything in our lives.

I have grown so much on a more personal level, and whether you do this course for yourself alone or as part of a new career development, the content and eye opening information will blow you away!

Elaine is a walking encyclopaedia of information and knowledge which she openly shares and gives to all her students, and is also an exceptional tutor.’’
Student 2017
“Elaine is a highly experienced and professional teacher and practitioner.

Her high level skills in Vibrational Retraining Sound Therapy and other methods make learning with her a joy, and her continued success in helping people to be well when there was no hope of change from orthodox sources, is nothing short of a miracle’’
Student 2009

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