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Did you know that your voice represents your emotional and physical health?

Of course you did!

Everyone knows that your voice changes when you don’t feel well, or are fed up and a bit depressed or miserable. You can tell by the sound of someone’s voice when they are not their usual self.
We all get like this now and again, and when you have been ill for a while, you may not even notice that your voice is not the same as it used to be. But you certainly know that your health isn’t what it used to be, don’t you?
Everyone has a happy cheery place that shows in their voice when they are feeling tip top and full of bounce. You feel excited, happy to be alive, upbeat and cheerful, and people can tell, because your face and voice say it all. Would you like to be able to change your ill health to better health, and  really feel it in your voice and body? To have people say to you -‘Wow, you sound good today, you  must be feeling better!’ Well, you can!
Everyone has an individual voice pattern. Click the link and see for yourself what one looks like. Illness in the body or mind create different sounding voice patterns, and feeling great and in good health has a pattern too – it looks very balanced and strong. To someone who knows what voice patterns mean, finding a problem and a solution is easy……and this is what Sound Therapy is all about.
What exactly is Sound Therapy?
You know that Sound is everywhere. To get technical about it,  all Sounds have a Frequency  or number of Hertz that can be measured and translated. In fact, Sound is a Universal Language.  Friction and movement create sound, and as your body moves and your mind thinks, it resonates inside with sounds generated by your physical and chemical makeup. That’s a very cool and interesting thought, isn’t it? And guess what? – Your mind and body respond not only to your thoughts, but everything that happens with other people too. All those emotional situations  we get ourselves into? …..it’s all being taken on board and responded to by you…..but you knew that, didn’t you?
What you eat, think, feel, and how you respond, are all part of your daily makeup. You change all the time, depending on where you are, what the situation is, and whether you are happy with it or not. But  some situations and thoughts are long term and don’t change, and this makes a rut that is hard to get out of.
So whether it’s long term or new, this daily collection of  thoughts and actions effect you inside, creating sounds that alter your body chemistry and are heard in the  tone your voice. Makes sense, doesn’t it?
If you have a healthy mind and body, it  shows. Your voice will be strong and colourful, charismatic and compelling. All the body systems that you use for  digestion, breathing, elimination, repair, and fighting diseases have their own ‘band width’ of sound.
When you start to examine the really small details, all your body chemicals, muscles and organs have their own precise and specific frequency, and so does every virus and bacteria!
When you are weak in a certain area or system, it’s because  you are not generating healthy sounds there. In fact, there may well be an emotional reason why you positively avoid it! Have you ever thought about the way you think?
” You make me sick ”, ”I cant stomach it any more”,   ”she’s such a pain in the neck” ……. and here the clue is in the words.  Usually the person who thinks these kinds of stressful thoughts will have problems with their digestion, have stomach ulcers, neck pains or some closely related health problem.
So what problems can I work with?
Almost anything can be helped with Sound Therapy, as the main aim is to bring healthy balance back to both the mind and body systems...no matter what the problem is.

See 8 minute video of Elaine talking about Sound