Class Dates at a glance

Diploma Class Dates: 2016

Sound Seminar in  Hawaii February 14th  to 27th with Dolphins and Whales!  Go to the seminars page and See ‘Mirrors of the Great Mind’ at


April  11th – 15th:              Part One Basics

May   9th -13th :               Part One Basics

June  13th-17th:                 Part Two Advanced

July    11th-15th  :                      Part Two Advanced

September 12th  -16th :    Part One Basics

November  7th  -11th :      Part Two Advanced

Classes begin at 9.30am and finish at approximately 5-5.30pm with a flexible hour or so for lunch. Tea and coffee are provided throughout the day. There will be extra curricular activity some evenings (optional) such as Cymatics and Sound Therapy films.

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