An Introduction to Sound Workshop

Sound Therapy ‘An Introduction to Sound’ Workshop in

Weston-Super-Mare, North Somerset.

Easy access by train, coach, bus and motorway

Email me at  to book your place.

Workshop : Saturday new  date to be arranged

ALL One Day WORKSHOPS:  £65.00 per person

  • The new format for workshops is a One Day Event starting at 10.00am and finishing around 5.00pm. I have been asked so many times to share my knowledge and experience  of solutions for some of the most common problems that are around today, so here we go!
  • In ALL of the workshops, my free gift to you is that you will each receive your own personally tailored basic  CD of Sounds at the end of the day.  Listening in the comfort of your home to restore balance and correct everyday stresses and strains is easy when you have a Sound Therapy CD!


  • Workshop One:  Introduction to Vibrational Retraining Sound Therapy: Saturday  to be arranged
  • I will explain and demonstrate  how low frequency Sound works
  • I will be demonstrating individual Voice Analysis.
  • Explaining what your vocal profile tells me, checking out your own personal charts and voice print for vocal balance.
  • Looking at how well your bodily systems work, and how they affect your health.
  • Checking out vitamin and mineral deficiencies and discovering what you need to bring your system back into balance for optimum health.
  • Pinpointing your specific problems with Voice Analysis and giving you free CD of your personal basic Sound Solution at the end of the day.


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One Comment for An Introduction to Sound Workshop

  1. Hi, I wanted to let you know that I cured myself of neuralgia,using sound vibrations.I’m a trained opera singer and developed neuralgia because of a tooth.
    I was not going to let it stop me singing, and so one day when I was learning a song I could feel the attack coming on I kept singing and then found the note that was right where the pain was…so I kept going…. singing the note above and below and kept hitting that note until the vibration relaxed the nerve, thus stopping the attack.
    I broke my heart crying when it happened, and knew how to stop the pain and so after about 2/3 more times stopping attacks it went totally, and then I got an abscess,it turns out I had a calcified stone in the root of my tooth(very rare!) Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you so you can let it be known that you can cure neuralgia, with sound vibrations!
    I am not a practitioner, a sound healer,etc, just a classically trained opera singer, yours,
    Marie Hogan

    Comment by marie hogan at 2:24 am, 19th October, 2013

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