Announcing New Training Classes 2016

 Sound Therapy Practitioners Diploma

Announcing new Training classes for 2015

Two full 5 day intensives:  

Course Dates: 2015

April  13th – 18th:            Part One Basics

May   11th -15th :               Part One Basics

      June  15th-19th:                 Part Two Advanced

         July    13th-17th  :             Part Two Advanced

September 14th  -18th :    Part One Basics

     November  9th  -13th :      Part Two Advanced

Classes begin at 9.30am and finish at approximately 5-5.30pm with a flexible hour or so for lunch. Tea and coffee are provided throughout the day. There will be extra curricular activity some evenings (optional) such as Cymatics and Sound Therapy films.


Email me for Course Prospectus and application form

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